Saturday, December 18

''this is a customer announcement:

could Mrs Cake return to the Cookery department.
thank you.''

Tuesday, December 14

Monday, November 22

Memory of France

Together with me recall: the sky of Paris,
that giant autumn crocus...
We went shopping for hearts at the flower girl's booth:
they were blue and they opened up in the water.
It began to rain in our room,
and our neighbour came in. Monsieur Le Songe, a lean little man.
We played cards, I lost the irises of my eyes;
you lent me your hair, I lost it, he struck us down.
He left by the door, the rain followed him out.
We were dead and were able to breathe.

Paul Celan

Tuesday, November 16

Tuesday, November 2

I am pretty sure this morning the tube driver said 'this train is ready to depart, mind the fucking doors'.

Thursday, October 28

your crimes behind your back, go

etosha national park, namibia
by joão henriques

are you OK?

yes, thanks for asking. but seriously World, it's been twenty six years, you should be used to my face by now.

Wednesday, October 20